Dexter High School Yearbook - Michigan

Unsinkable Yearbook

Senior Photos Due to the Yearbook Staff

Senior photos are due to the yearbook staff by

 Friday, November 20, 2020

  in order for yearbook staff to meet strict publishing deadlines.

 Please check with your photographer to see if it is your responsibility to submit your senior photo. 

Senior Picture Yearbook Specifications

The following specifications for your senior yearbook picture should be given to your photography studio. 

    Your senior photograph for yearbook should meet the following requirements:

  • Wallet size photo 

  • All photos must be vertical, color (no black and white or sepia tone)

  • Head and shoulder shots only (no pets, musical instruments, cars, other people or full body shots, for example)

  • Background - Yearbook will accept outdoor photos. Please make sure the photo is a head & shoulder shot and not a full body shot. Photo must be vertical. Please, no props of any kind
  • Glossy, no soft focus

  • No bare shoulders (within reason - use your judgement), no cleavage, no hats


When emailing a digital image to and Cc - please use the following format:

  • Format: JPEG
  • Color Space: RGB or CMYK
  • File Size: under 10 MB
  • Resolution: at least 300 ppi
  • Please name file in this way - Last name_First name


Senior Photo Information

    If you haven’t made an appointment yet, do so soon. Slots fill up fast and  if you wait too long, it may be too late to get your picture in the yearbook.

    Most studios recommend scheduling appointments no later than the end of May of the junior year. 

 pFor a list of photographers, please see the "Photographers" tab of this site.

Submitting Your Senior Photo

Digital Submission - EMAILING YOUR PHOTO

Please submit digital photo to yearbook business manager by emailing the photo to

Also Cc: yearbook adviser, Barry Mergler


Hard Copy Submission

S     Submit hard copy of photo directly to high school main office in envelope marked “Senior Photo". Yearbook staff will scan the photograph. Photos will not be returned unless specifically requested to do so.


Senior Photo Policy from Yearbook Manual

"The Unsinkable staff recognizes that senior portraits can be a significant event in a graduate’s life. While every effort will be made to accept and publish each student’s chosen senior portrait, editorial decisions in regards to cost and design may make their inclusion inappropriate that year.

The editorial board reserves the right to decide whether senior portraits will be printed in black and white or in color, or whether the Unsinkable staff will take every seniors portrait to ensure inclusion and consistency. Acceptable senior portraits will be head and shoulders without props of any kind. No full body shots will be accepted. All others may be cropped to fit design or rejected without further notice. Outdoor shots are also accepted, but props cannot be included. (Agreed Monday, May 14, 2018)

The yearbook staff will also follow the guidelines of the DCS Handbook as it relates to Students Rights of Expression, outlined on pages 33-34 of the handbook. Yearbook will also follow the Dress Code policy on page 37 of the DCS Handbook."